Nobody's Property - novel

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Nobody's Property

(Book 1 of the Nobody's Property series)

In 2015, Clia Foster and Carissa Sutherland, two sisters born twelve years apart, from different mothers, and who were separated by an ocean for most of Carissa's life, find themselves forced to confront their very different demons when younger sister Carissa returns from overseas to attend film school. Having sustained a traumatic brain injury at the hands of their common biological father, who shoved her down a staircase before Carissa was even born, Clia still struggles with at least four known mental illnesses. Sometimes she talks to inanimate objects, or to people that nobody else can see... and that's just on the good days when she's not plagued with horrifying night terrors so vividly realistic to her she sometimes attacks loved ones in her sleep or coming out of it. Carissa, born in the United States but raised in Australia, where her mother fled with her when she was just four years old, is by far the saner of the two, but still struggles with anger and depression. Their common biological father Percy, serving a minimum fifteen year sentence in Pennsylvania for drugs and child pornography, is nearly eligible for parole in a few more months, and may be scheming with his brother on a kidnapping plot involving either Carissa or Clia's stepdaughter, Sasha...

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