Nadia - a good soul who sometimes does bad things

Nadia is occasionally forced to resort to vigilante and downright serial tactics to keep her community safe from pedophiles and child abusers, but she gets the job done.

Don't mess with Nadia Willis. Her own biological grandfather found that out the hard way, though she only met him once.

“I think maybe you just saved all three of us.” - Clia Foster, to Nadia Willis in prologue of Nobody's Property: Generations

What would you do if you were faced with the decision of allowing someone to kill a loved one, or killing them to prevent that from happening?

Burger, anyone?

Okay, so the concept of Nadia having a fast food chain of burgers that are 67% pure beef is actually just a fanfic idea from someone in another country who loves the series. For now. I don't actually have her chopping pedophiles, domestic and child abusers up and grounding them up into burgers...yet. Given that people have commented that Nadia kinda looks like Wendy from the Wendy's logo, I'm pretty sure that even though that was purely coincidental and unintentional, that I'd rather not piss a multinational corporation 40 minutes from my doorstep off if I can help it.

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