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Prom and Graduation scene for film based on Nobody's Property character Elise's senior year

Nobody's Property writer and Finding a Dream director Blake Hutchison is planning on including a prom and graduation scene in his upcoming independent film Never Give Up, which is based on the backstory to Nobody's Property.

Set in 2008, senior year for Elise Matthews, Never Give Up focuses on the end of Elise's senior year, a controversial betrayal by her elder brother Sam Walsh which causes the decades-long rift between them, and her other elder brother Nick Walsh's lengths to make up for her wrongfully missed prom, while battling the ruthless superintendent, a rabid Sam Walsh fan who is hellbent on extorting Nick with the threat of not letting Elise walk in her graduation.


We know that approximately 20 to 30 extras will be needed for the prom scene, and at least that many for the graduation scene. Filming will take place in or near East Liberty, Ohio as soon as it is safe and legal to do so.

More details will follow soon. 


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