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Nobody's Property 234

Back to 2020 for a little bit, just in time for the pandemic.

Nobody's Property 233

Nadia's best friend Moira takes solace in knowing that one day white supremacist leader Sophia Simcox will get what's coming to her...wait, Nadia already killed her...(but Moira doesn't know that.)

Nobody's Property 232

I'm not sure Nadia's yet figured out that Maggie Livingston and Greta Rogers are the same person...

Nobody's Property 230

If you've read #207 you'll get it right away...

Nobody's Property 229

Yes, Nadia, it is what you think it is. (If you read #207, you may just know what it is too...)

Nobody's Property 228

They were people, not just numbers!

Nobody's Property 227

Really? You're going to beg for your life? You had a hand in the homicide of her best friend's mother (coming soon) and you're going to beg Nadia for your life? Let's see how that works out for you...

Nobody's Property 226

Hmmm, what would ever happen if Nadia, the great-granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, ever caught a Nazi? Use your imagination for a few more installments...

Nobody's Property 225

"I know Ilsa von Braun's dead because I killed her 35 years ago." If you read #154, you already knew everything was going to be all right.

Nobody's Property 224

Sophia doesn't suspect anything yet!

Nobody's Property 223

Wait a're walking Maggie through how to get to the Aryan Awakening safe house? Do you know who's in the van behind you? Seriously? If Maggie is double-crossing you, you're both fucking dead!

Nobody's Property 222

No topic is taboo with Nadia...except her biological relation to the Barnett Boys, laughing about her dead cat, or confessing to being a pedophile. Those will get you killed. Wait, Nadia, the gun isn't loaded! And did you seriously just try to shoot the driver of a moving vehicle?! I bet you're a Juggalo and don't know it yet.

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