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NOBODY'S PROPERTY: Luna Vista Safari

Demo Version - Download Link

(Complete game ETA sometime in 2021)

PC (sorry, not yet sure if this will work on Mac or not)

This is a sample demo of the game we are currently working on. Nobody's Property: Luna Vista Safari is being designed in AGS Studio in the tradition of the old Sierra games like Space Quest and King's Quest (with slightly more modern graphics and resolution), and you get to take on the role of Nadia Willis as she rids her hometown of Luna Vista, California, of child molesters, domestic abusers, and other vermin.

The demo is a playable working partial version of the full game, which will be available next year. Some areas haven't been completed yet, and a few things within the demo may yet be changed. The demo is now available through Files.FM at this link. if the link doesn't work, try pasting the URL in your browser.

A quick PDF "manual" explaining the controls is available from the download link as well.

When the full game is released (still so much more to add) it will also be free to download, though donations and/or patronage are gladly accepted as well.

The coyotes of Luna Vista are going to have a feast!

More details coming soon.