Could Nadia Willis from Nobody’s Property be charged with murder for killing pedophiles even though a body is never found?
<a href=">Nobody's Property</a>No matter how tempted you may be, killing pedophiles and other scumbags in real life is likely something any lawyer worth a salt would advise you against. It is, after all, premeditated murder. Nothing in this article or on Nobody's Property | Manga, Interactive Fiction, and Novels ( should ever be considered legal advice, and nor are you recommended to perform any of the acts Nadia Willis or any of the other characters do in Nobody’s Property. Nor do I endorse vigilanteism. It’s all for entertainment purposes only!
That said, Nadia sure does get away with murder…a lot. Though again, not legal advice, she may be able to get away with it because of some or all of the following elements:
Burden of Proof
Nadia lives in the United States of America, where a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty under the law (or at least supposed to be). Even if the Luna Vista Police wanted to pursue charges against her, which it seems according to the series they don’t…and Detective Marla Fletcher may even know who is behind the homicides…
Proving Nadia guilty of murder would require multiple elements to be satisfied.
According to Wikipedia, “**mens rea** refers to the crime's mental elements of the defendant's intent. This is a necessary element—that is, the criminal act must be voluntary or purposeful.”
Okay, yeah, Nadia’s killing the pedophiles, Aryans, child abusers, and even at one point a corrupt televangelist, on purpose. The homicides are totally voluntary.
However, officially, the police do not know that Nadia is intentionally murdering the scum of the earth. It’s a little hard to prove intent when the bodies are getting eaten by bears and coyotes…at least according to the official reports.
It is possible to obtain a murder conviction without a body, and it has happened, though many of these convictions have eventually been overturned.
Proof of an actual crime
A person cannot be proven guilty of a crime without **actus reus. **That is, a criminal act, or an unlawful omission of an act, must have occurred. A person cannot be convicted of a crime merely for thinking criminal thoughts about someone, for example, if Nadia were to tell a friend or family member that she was thinking about killing a white supremacist leader who is deathly allergic to bee stings by throwing a beehive at her. Technically, this happened in Nobody's Property #230 (’s-property-230) However, police never found the body, it happened in the middle of the woods, with no witnesses – unless Maggie Livingston counts, and since Nadia knows she murders people too – it would not be wise for either one to be witnesses against each other, now would it?
Not only must police be able to prove **actus reus** and **mens rea** in the unlikely event that one of Nadia’s kills ever results in a criminal prosecution (and given that she lives to 120 and dies of natural causes in the year 2136, not likely), any prosecutor taking on the arduous task of proving Nadia guilty of murder would also have to prove concurrency – that is, that the criminal act or unlawful omission and intent occurred at the same time. If Nadia happened to be thinking about killing someone and just happened to accidentally kill that person in an automobile accident at another time, other than when she harbored thoughts about killing them, that would be harder to prove.
Wikipedia also states that “many crimes also require an actual element that harm must occur – in other words, **causation** must be proved.” Well, yeah, I’m pretty sure Nadia intentionally harmed the registered sex offender she lured into the woods and stabbed in the heart back in Nobody's Property #190 (’s-property-190).
So, yeah, if police and prosecutors really wanted to prove intent, proof of an actual crime, concurrence, and causation, Nadia could still be charged with murder for killing pedophiles. That is, if the police even took the rumors seriously. Small towns like Luna Vista are known for their rumors. There are rumors of Nadia’s elderly friend Maggie Livingston murdering people too. Come on. The homicide detective is her daughter, why would she murder anyone?
So, even if she does somehow always get away with it, you should probably just leave the killing to Nadia and her friends, and not engage in any vigilante activity. However, if you need to blow off some steam by killing some pedophiles, there is a Nobody's Property game coming soon ( where you get to take on the role of Nadia and help her kill pedophiles and other scumbags. A free demo is now available! (
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