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WARNING - Nadia does not like child molesters, rapists, racists, child abusers, or other scumbags. Vulgar language and offensive images are occasionally used in the illustrated series and novels for accurate portrayal of certain scenarios, characters, etc. If you are offended by vigilante homicide, please do not read Nobody's Property.



Patrons/Supporters Area

#349-360 released April 1, 2021

#337-348 released March 3, 2021

Patrons get access to early releases 3 months before the general public for just $1 per month. Become a patron today at

General Public new releases

#313-325 released April 1, 2021

#297-312 released March 3, 2021


July 22, 2021

New demo version of Nobody's Property: Luna Vista Safari, with new content.

February 3, 2021

We now have a space on Quora! Check it out. Oh, and this is yet another way you can support the project at no cost to you. Visit us there at

February 2, 2021

The monthly new installment releases are here. Patrons have access through #336 and general public has access through #296

December 31, 2020

We are now on TikTok -

New installments will be released about an hour after the ball drops.

#313-324 for patrons

#273-284 for general public.

December 14, 2020

A playable demo version of the computer game, Nobody's Property: Luna Vista Safari, is available at the GAME page. This is not the complete game, which is still under construction.

General public has access to installments #1 through #272.

Patrons have access through #312.

You can get the password to the early release installments by becoming a patron at for as little as $1 per month.


Releases to the general public are not likely be affected through September 2021 and are not currently foreseen to be affected after that date, except for Blake's occasional forgetfulness in updating the website.

The release of the third novel, Order of the Blue Dragonfly, may be deferred until 2022, but still going to try to release Summer 2021 for now.


The release date for the third novel, Nobody's Property: Order of the Blue Dragonfly, has been pushed back until at least 2022, largely due to dedicating more time and resources to the illustrated series production of the coming computer game. The second novel, Nobody's Property: Generations, is temporarily out of print until further notice, while a major typographical error (missing chapters) is corrected.


If you would like to support this project via Patreon, my link is Patronage is NOT required to view new installments but all support is appreciated, whether it's via Patreon or selecting some of the free options for supporting the project (the SUPPORT THE PROJECT (free or cheap) link above...)

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