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Millions of fans. Dozens of music awards. Four mental illnesses... Clia Foster, lead singer of the band Nobody's Property, has what seems like the perfect life. The band she started as a teenager in the Ohio home of her biological mother and adoptive father, a novelist named Adam Foster, is now, just shy of her thirtieth birthday, at the point of the perfect level of success, the way she sees it. The band has a huge following, yet is still just obscure enough to the mainstream that she and any other member of the band can still go out just about anywhere they want when off stage and not have to worry about being mobbed by fans or worse, paparazzi, unlike some of her "Top 40" counterparts. But she has a dark, terrifying past. Her biological father, Percy, was severely physically abusive to her for the first nine years of her life. Punched in the face, fired at with guns in a sadistic game Percy called "Hillbilly Roulette," and even sexually abused, Clia was nearly killed at Percy's hands at the age of nine with a shove down a flight of stairs, hitting her head on the bottom step. Physically, she survived. Despite a brain injury, for the most part, she still functions like a normal person. With a few exceptions. Sometimes Clia talks to inanimate objects, such as houseplants in particular. Or to people that nobody else can see.That's just on the good days...when she's not plagued with horrifying night terrors so realistic not only to her but also the people who witness her somnambulistic tendencies during one, that not only destroy her emotional well-being, but sometimes, thanks to occasional hallucinations resulting from the paranoid Schizophrenia that Percy caused, make her inadvertently mistake loved ones for her biological father and uncle Jasper who used to torment her. She's been known to react defensively and violently to such hallucinations. Clia's younger sister from a different mother, Carissa, who was born to Percy and a different mother in Pittsburgh but grew up in Australia, where Carissa's mother fled with her when she was just three years old, after Percy was caught fondling Carissa and sentenced to fifteen years to life by a Pennsylvania judge. Recently accepted to several universities in the country of her birth, the U.S., Carissa makes plans to attend one near where Clia lives, whose husband, Dr. Darien Willis is also a professor of history at the same university Carissa is planning to attend. From the moment Carissa arrives back in the U.S. after fifteen years abroad - even having an accent to show for it - Carissa quickly finds her own mental health issues with anger and depression flaring up to a potential boiling point. Not helping matters, Clia and Carissa's common biological father is eligible for parole in a few more months...


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